My latest venture involves trying stand up comedy. It’s very early days but I’m loving it. I am also, slowly, tackling the nerves that used to prevent me from singing solo in front of an audience.

When I turned sixty, I realised I was very good at working and resting but useless when it came to having fun. Since then, I’ve started trying new things to see if I can find more things I can enjoy and hopefully, laugh about.

While I was living in Leeds, I took part in a community drama to commemorate the explosion in a munitions factory that killed several local ladies during WW1. I had no lines, apart from the ones in the songs, so I was on stage, playing to sell out houses for nine performances. It was hard work but amazing too. I am now back in Exeter and have tentatively joined a drama group for people over sixty. Where that might lead, I have no idea.