Slowing down

As we approach the end of restrictions ( I do hope so!), my life is taking a new turn. I have reached retirement age at last, (66) so will soon be receiving my first pension payment. The relief this brings is massive. For years, there have been weeks and months when I’ve earned next to nothing, so I’ve always had to keep a tight eye on the purse strings. Now, I will have enough money to get by, pay the bills, feed myself amd keep warm, without needing to earn anything extra.

The other great piece of news is that I have finally been given a bus pas. Having wanted one since I was in my late fifities, and having had to wait past 60, all the way to 66, then another week because the printing went wrong, words can’t express the happiness it gave me to use it for the first time. I don’t drive, I have no family to take me out, and struggle to make friends, so having a bus pass opens up all kinds of doors for me. Before I often had to turn down events and meeting  because the additional £4.20 bus fare made it too expensive. So will I keep writing? I can’t not to. I still enjoy escaping into  characters’ lives so until that stops, I’ll carry on churning out short stories. The marvellous thing is that I don’t HAVE to do it anymore, I’ll be able to do it because I enjoy it.


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