March 2021

As we slowly rise out of the darkness, (I hope), I am looking forward to my birthday when I reach, at last, retirement age. With that comes freedom – an income that I don’t have to work for, and a bus pass. Bliss. I can hardly wait. To be able to jump on a bus whenever I feel fed up bored or lonely will be such a boon and having a pension means I won’t have to write for money anymore. I’ll finally be able to write what I want and when I want.

I have gone back to writing the odd filler, short, often silly little pieces you find in magazines like My Weekly and Take a Break. Why? Because they are easy and fun to write.

I also have videos on YouTube aimed at helpng writers. These links lead to a free, basic short stry course. PART ONE
Part 2

My website is and I can be contacted by email on or via Twitter @writingiseasy. I also have a Facebook page – writingiseasy

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