It’s almost September and we are still living with fear.

SInce my birthday, many people have gone back to their ‘normal’ lives. This is great and worth celebrating but at the moment, the effects aren’t reaching some of us, including me. Until places like community centres, and theatres open, my social life is still non existent.

Work has grouand to a halt. With more than fifty stories still pending, waiting for editors to accept or reject them, it’s not worth writing loads more as they can only buy so many. I have FIVE stories again in the September issue of Take a Break’s Fiction Feast and expect to have two more in the following issue. After that, I have no idea as sales have completely vanished.

I am spending my time trying to get my life bacn in balance. I haven;t allowed myself to do things I enjoy (paint, sing, read and so on) so I’m workign with my Inner Child to find ways to change this. As from today, 25th August 2020, I’ve adopted a new system whereby I loosely plan what I’m going to do each day, the night before. I’ll let you know if it works.

If you want to see my first ever go at stand up, follow this link.



I’ve been putting videos on youtube aimed at helping writers improve their skills and find ideas. Please have a look and if you are able, please subscibe to my channel as if I reach 100 subscribers, I will get a named channel, rather than a string of characters.

this line takes you to one of the vdieos from where you should be able to find the rest.

Part 12 Video link https://youtu.be/Yh7JHekcRRI

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