Coping with Covid

It’s funny how when we have loads of time and no place to go, not a lot gets done. I’m a case inpoint. I had lal these grand ideas about writing at least one book and dozens of stories but I’ve done hardly any writing. Instead, I’ve carried on reworking old stories, waiting for  my creative juices to start to flow.

Before al this happened, I’d never heard of Zoom. Now I use it every day, mainly for singing groups. Joining these gives me some kind of structure so that I know, most of the time, what day it is.

I’ve been trying comedy on line too but it’s so hard. I am incredibly introverted, it’s only having an audience that brings the real, confident, funny, me out to play. But the longer this goes on, the closer I get to overcoming the obstacles. On Sunday night, I managed something I really never thught I’d be able to do, I taught my street choir a very simple song. Boy was that scary. I’ve been thinking of starting a singing group for ages but lacked the confidence. Crazy really, because it’s so much harder to teach in a virtual singing group because you can’t hear the other people, so have no idea if they are with you or not. If you want to hear the clip, visit my twitter feed @writingiseasy, or my Facebook page.

At the start of lockdown, I offered a free feedback service to anyoen who’d had a story rejected by one of the women’s magazines I write for. Very few took up the offer so I can only assume other people are also suffering from a lack of creative energy. I’m even feeling weary writing this…..

Hopefully normal service wil be resumed someday, meanwhile, I’ve added a new story to the short story page which I hope you wil enjoy. Take care and do get itn touch if you feel the need.

2 thoughts on “Coping with Covid

  1. Edna Hutchings Reply

    Hello. It’s good to know that even the professional are finding creative writing difficult in these times. I’ve just started feeling I would like to get busy again and remembered that I never finished a course of yours about Twist Stories. You wanted me to rewrite my effort and I postponed that chore indefinitely. Now I hope to get on with it with your comments to hand. I see that there are magazines asking for stories again after a lull.
    Very best wishes

    • Linda Post authorReply

      I think these times have been hard for everyone but each of us is affected in different ways. Great to hear yhat you are gettin gback to writing. It’s a great mood booster.

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