February seems to be the longest month

February isn’t my favourite month. Even though it’s shorter than January, to me, it seems to go on forever. It’s as though it’s getting in the way of the spring. It doesn’t help that February 14th would be my wedding anniversary if Gareth hadn’t died all those years ago.

I am waiting to hear about so many stories at the moment, the urge to write new ones isn’t very strong. There is, after all, a limit to how many of my stories each magazine can actually use. I have four in the latest Take A Break Fiction Feast and two in the Woman’s Weekly monthly fiction special, so there’s no room for anymore. Observant readers may have noticed that I have resurrected my Catherine Howard.pen name. That happened because WW didn’t want two stories by the same author in the same issue so in the current Fiction Special you will see Happiness by Linda Lewis and another story, by Catherine Howard. .

I’m trying to bring back the fun to my writing life by diversifying. To that end, I sent off a new play to a competition the other day. I have no clue if it’s any good, but it was fun to write so I will looking out for free competitions and other opportunities.

I would very much like to know what you would like to rad about on these pages so if you have any writing related queries, please do get in touch. Meanwhile, I have added a bew story to my short story page if you fancy a quick read.

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