Valentine’s Day

As February 14th approaches, I’m filled with a mixture of emotions. I married my nice husband, I had others not so nice, on February 14th 1986. He died in 1997. Since then I haven’t had any, even remotely, romantic Valentine’s days yet I can still write Valentine stories. A few years back, I had a conversation with another womag writer who told me that after many years, she’d run out of ideas for Valentine stories. She wondered if that might happen to me. I’m very happy to say that so far, it hasn’t. I started writing fiction as a way to escape the loneliness and grief that resulted from losing Gareth. All these years later, fiction still fulfils that need.

I’ve had a wobbly couple of months. I’ve been selling more stories than ever but hardly writing any new ones. The sales have come from reworking stories that failed to sell and that were written years ago. I figured that if I can help other writers improve their stories, I might be able to do it with my own. Once enough years have gone by, it’s exactly like working on somebody else’s story as the memory of writing them has long gone. That allows me the all important detachment to be able to step back and see what can be done. It’s worked so well that last year I sold 87 stories. I’m doing well so far this year to.

For details of my feedback service, why not visit the short story page?

To date,  I have made fifteen sales including four children’s stories, a genre I’d never really targeted before.

If you have any questions about writing stories ( or anything else that I might be able to cover in these newsletters), do get in touch. And if you want to read my stories, there are FOUR in the latest edition of Take a Break’s Fiction Feast including, you guessed it, a Valentine story.

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