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I write full time from my home in Exeter, having moved back there in 2017. At the moment, writing short stories is my only source of income which means that I have to write LOTS of them. I try to write between six and eight new stories each and every month, aiming to sell at least one a week. Things have been going really well this year. As of November, I have sold 78 stories.

I have lost count of the total number of short stories I have sold over the years but it has to be around the one thousand mark.

My main markets are women’s magazines such as The People’s Friend, Woman’s Weekly and Take a Break’s Fiction Feast. I also sell stories to Australia and Sweden.

Before switching to fiction, I wrote about tropical fish (care, breeding, behaviour etc) for magazines across the world.

I have also run various workshops, helping people who wish to break into the womag short story market. I was a tutor for The Writers Bureau for a while as well as running courses at Swanwick, the Writers’ Summer school, from 2011 until 2016.

In 2012, my book THE WRITER’S TREASURY OF IDEAS was published by Filament. I call it a ‘teach yourself how to find ideas’ book. This year, I self-pubished a follow up book called FINDING IDEAS. Self-publishing is not only easy these days, it’s also lost much of its stigma. I love it because I can easily publish books designed to help writers who don’t have access to tuition or can’t afford to go to classes.  Have a look at my BOOKS page for other titles including WHY SHORT STORIES ARE REJECTED which does what the title says, and 100 GREAT FIRST LINES which was designed for writers groups and anyone who needs a good writing prompt.

Recent News

I put this collection together last year. It includes some of my favourite stories, not because they are my best ones but because they all feature dogs. Find it here.

When I turned sixty, I decided to try new things. The aim was to find things to do that were fun, rather than hard work. I was in a play in Leeds, no speaking, just singing and moving about. Now I have joined a small café drama group, plus I signed up to a community acting course. It’s hard because I’m so shy, but it’s also great because once I have an audience, a different me comes out to play.

I might try writing more drama too and would love to have a panto performed one day.

I usually have a story in this magazine, but in the Dec 2019 issue, I had five – a record. It’s a great magazine which features nothing but fiction so if you haven’t come across it, give it a try.

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